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State of Play's new puzzle adventure title Lume might be made out of cardboard cutouts but it is in no way a one-dimensional game.

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Published by Meghan Chiampa on 25th June 2011

When the lights mysteriously go out in the colorful paper and cardboard world of Lume, it is up to protagonist Lumi (if you find that name cute, you'll like the game, it's a pretty cute also) to solve a series of puzzles her mysteriously missing grandfather has left for her. Solving puzzles grants access to a series of locked rooms, essential items and other goodies that will help Lumi in her quest.

You control little Lumi as she explores her grandfather's house and backyard. You are stuck at the house for the entire game essentially even though you have knowledge of the town over yonder. The setting may be geographically limited to about five to six rooms sans the puzzle screens, but that's not a bad thing (especially if you like escape from the room games).

In a neat touch, the game world of Lume appears to be made out of paper and cardboard. I especially liked the tiny string of colored lights outside of Grandpa's house that show how small the dollshouse like stage is. I really appreciated the creativity and detail that went into Lume's design by the small team at State of Play Games.

As point and click games go, Lume can be on the tough side, throwing at you a whole range of tricky seek-and-find, maths-based and classic point and click conundrums. One of the puzzles is extremely hard, or at least was for me. But the difficulty should not put you off. You can always take a break from puzzle solving to just admire the lush environments, indulge in random point and clicking to find items of interest or read about the history of the town of Lume, and Lumi and her family.

And, anyway, even when it is being hard, the game remains fun and one can't help but be drawn in by all the mystery and intrigue of the game's plot. Add to that smooth and simple controls and a captivating visual style, and you have as relaxing and appealing a point-and-click game as you could hope.

The soothing experience is reinforced by a soundtrack that you could meditate to. The music is so lovely indeed that after playing the game, I left it on in the background while browsing the web, just to keep on listening to it. The appeal of the music has not been missed by State of Play who have made it available for download here.

The only major disappointment I had with this game was how short it was. I was expecting an epic adventure, something I'd have to settle in and devote some serious time to, but the game only took me about two hours to beat. Then I found out that what I had just played was only the first episode of a series of games that are planned for release over the next couple of years. Goodbye disappointment, hello anticipation!

Download a copy of Lume here.

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Published by niks on 25th May 2014
Awesome game :)
Published by Kartki ?wi?teczne on 14th December 2013
I like old school style games
Published by Dennis on 14th December 2013
not too difficult
Published by Jenks LeBeau on 12th November 2013
I see you do a lot of great reviews of games on your site/blog- keep it up!
Published by Butterfly67 on 6th August 2012
Have they stopped publishing articles? That´s the last one and it´s from 2011. :-(
Published by Jason on 2nd August 2012
I like old school style games, for sure
Published by more information on 17th July 2012
I love the artwork and it does look extremely playable / http://www.mediket2000.com
Published by Tutaj on 17th July 2012
There's something old school about the visual side of this game. Feels like a simple cartoon - http://www.olejekarganowy.net
Published by Tu on 17th July 2012
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Published by Mar on 14th July 2012
You articles are really interesting :)) keep it up
Published by gavin ross on 7th June 2012
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Published by Sara@Hidden Object Games on 22nd February 2012
Lune is a good game. I liked the wide range of seek and find puzzles. I had difficulties with finding a few items. Luckily, the game has “pause” option, so I could think little more about it. All to all, this is a nice game.
Published by Jonas on 5th February 2012
I really liked the concept of grandfather leaving puzzles for her to solve. You can download this game at: http://www.pcgames4u.com
Published by Girl Gamer Juju on 1st February 2012
I like this. Must start right now! :-))))
Published by Graciela on 27th January 2012
I loved Lume - played it through in just one sitting as it was such a fun game! Nice review, btw.
Published by Spokhette on 27th January 2012
I adore the cuteness factor. I can't wait to try it! Thanks for letting me know about it!!
Published by ranna azam on 20th December 2011
this seems to be a cute and interesting game.. i really like the whole concept about grandfather leaving puzzles for lumi to solve..
Published by Kiron Ramdewar on 30th November 2011
This looks reeeeaaaallly familiar to a game I saw being released on Xbox Live. Can't remember for the life of me what it was called though.
Published by Girls Games on 10th September 2011
Hi, "Lume", it's a very cute name! I really liked the concept of grandfather leaving puzzles for her to solve. I am a keen Girls Games and spend my leisure in playing this games. It would be very nice if you could have gave some unique and creative shades in the character of lumi. Love!
Published by Sholly on 9th September 2011
Well, that sad. Really? I hope not. I found so many awesome games through this site. Well, time to go back through the archives and play all the ones I may have missed! By the time I'm done with that, maybe I'll find out they were just on a hiatus?
Published by Jason on 2nd September 2011
Yep, seems like the site may be dead :(
Published by Max on 13th August 2011
2 months without new posts...

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