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Top 10 Reaction Games

Top 10 Reaction Games

If 'lightning fast' is an accurate description of your reactions, you may have a chance with these games. Slow coaches might want to check out our top 10 relaxing games instead.

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Published by Andy Jowett on 29th December 2010

Are you as quick as a cat, sharp as a tack, loose as a goose? Not really sure what that last one means, actually. Let's start again. Do your lightning-fast, nimble hands make a ninja look like a nincompoop? Is you mind faster than a speeding bullet, yet supple like a...suppley...thing? Well then step right up, because Casual Girl Gamer has brought together a collection of games that require reactions so fast, the movement of your mouse may trigger a sonic boom.

So forget trying to catch a ruler betwixt your thumb and forefinger, or clicking a red box when it goes green. You don't want to do that! Curl yourself up with a large mug of something hot and give your reactions a workout instead with our top ten!

1 GunBlood

Howdy, partners. If, like us here at Casual Girl Gamer Towers, you rode out into the Old West this year with Red Dead Redemption and its utterly wunderbar expansion Undead Nightmare, you've probably still got a hankerin' for some fancy slingin' of your shootin' iron.

Well, fret no more, hombre. GunBlood from Wolf Games lets you get quick on the draw without all that riding around in the wilderness collecting plants or skinning skunks. It's the classic high noon stand-off. You must place your mouse over the chamber of your six-shooter and start a-blastin' when you get the nod.

Move too quick and you'll have to start again. Move too slow and...well, you'll be pushing up the daisies. There's nine low-down, dirty varmints to take on, plus bonus rounds where you can do some Buffalo Bill-style fancy shootin'. Yee and indeed haw. Play GunBlood here.

2 Reaction Cat

Ah, cats versus mice. The eternal struggle. Like all the greats (Tom, Sylvester etc), the hero of Reaction Cat has harnessed technology - hopefully more reliable than the frankly slapdash products put together by the Acme Company - to snag his scurrying quarry before they make it to the safety of the sideboard.

In all, your moggy has to catch five mice as quickly as possible by hitting the button on a remote control to active a mouse-grappling hook floating above their furry little heads. Mmmwahaha! Your average time is used to determine your ranking - I think I'll have to steal Sonic Cat as the name of my next band, actually. Play Reaction Cat here.

3 Four Second Fury

If your brain wasn't completely fried by the original Four Second Frenzy, here's another chance to reduce yourself to a gibbering wreck of bewilderment.

This barrage on the brain throws a seemingly endless supply of little shooting, collecting, running and jumping challenges at you and you have four seconds to complete them. Great if you have the reactions of an on-edge kung-fu master. Not so great if, like your humble reviewer, it takes you most of the four seconds working out what you're supposed to do.

There's no time for self-remonstration, though, as the fury is relentless and you must put poor performances behind you and resolve to look to the future - all before the next four seconds run out. Aaargh! Play Four Second Fury here.

4 Flyde

Good reactions are crucial when you're thundering along a neon strip in the middle of space. Ask anyone. If you're worried that you might be found wanting in this department, then we have good news - you can brush up on your skills with Flyde!

Using the arrow keys, you have to dodge right and left to avoid holes in your path as you move at ever-faster speeds. You can also be flipped to another strip running above you and back again, which can be disorientating to say the least. Then there's the distracting, Cylon-like commentary.

If you're a fan of brainteasers like DiscipleOfFred's Tail, then Flyde is for you. Take your trip here.

5 Cursor Chaos

Here's some more mini-game madness courtesy of Ninjadoodle. Cursor Chaos is the follow-up to the wonderfully named but blinking hard Ninja Glove.

Like Four Second Fury - or Morplee from our splendiferous Top Ten Hardest Online Games list - you must employ your quick thinking and nimble digits to defeat a series of little challenges like collecting stars, watering plants and defusing bombs. There's 42 levels in all - although thankfully no Level 42 - and you have seven lives to take them on as fast as your little fingers will carry you. Play Cursor Chaos here.

6 Ninja Cubes

From a Ninja Glove (or at least the sequel to it...work with me here), to Ninja Cubes. This frantically fun little number gives you 60 seconds to click as many of the cubey ninjas as you can. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, as anyone who's tried to click a ninja before will tell you, those chaps are notoriously slippery devils.

Ninjas in cube form, it seems, are no different. You'd be amazed where these little beggars pop up. Indeed, there are points where they are flying in from all angles, leaving you with a screen full of targets but no clue where to go next. Lovely cartoony graphics, too. Play Ninja Cubes here.

7 Klikwerk

If, like me, you don't let a total lack of coordination spoil your gaming fun, then you'll no doubt find Klikwerk enjoyable enough - but you won't be very good at it. On the other hand, if you have some semblance of hand-eye togetherness, you'll probably find it one of the best rhythm games you've ever played - and you'll rack up a whopping big score. Well get you.

Like many a great idea, Klikwerk is wonderfully simple. Just follow the instructions as they appear on the screen. Oh, but make sure you point, click, drag, drop and hit space in time with the music, which could have actually been written by Kraftwerk.

Klikwerk can be played here. If you want to test your rhythmic skills further, why not take on the brilliant Sound Walk? Or heck, take on the whole Top 20 Music Games You Can Play Online! You deserve it.

8 Sprintomous

Keeping those reflexes snappy really is the order of the day with Sprintomous. This fiendishly tricky one-button number sees your character flying at break-neck speed (if it has a neck, you can't really tell) around various oddly shaped circuits. The challenge is to click at just the right time when you hit a junction to continue your lap. If you're too fast, you'll slow down to a frustratingly stately pace. If you're too late, you'll fly off the track and have to start again.

If the challenge of clickity-clicking at ludicrous speed isn't enough, you can also take on a combo mode and a switch mode, which are equally as infuriating and addictive. So deny yourself no longer, take on Sprintomous here.

9 The Mouse 101

Before you fill out that application for the Mouse User World Championships, here's a couple of things to consider. First, you can put your pointing, clicking, dragging, dropping and wheeling skills to the limit with The Mouse 101. Second, I don't think the Mouse User World Championships actually exist. But, hey, why not master The Mouse 101 then set up your own Mouse User World Championships and storm to glory at the inaugural event?

Not that mastering The Mouse 101 is an easy task. Oh no. There's five tests to measure your movement, accuracy, consistency, strength and speed - plus, graph fans, a handy little chart at the end to show the areas where you're a mouse master and where you're mouse muppet. Play The Mouse 101 here.

10 The Gingerbread Circus 2

It must be hard for budding knife throwers to get started in their chosen career - I mean, who's going to jump on the wheel for their first practice session? If you've been frustrated in your efforts to run off and join the circus to date by such a predicament, fear not because Casual Girl Gamer has the solution - The Gingerbread Circus 2!

This first-person challenge sees you thrust into the centre ring in front of an expectant gingerbread audience. It's up to you to wow the punters with a death-defying display of handiwork, while hopefully not leaving your glamorous assistant in a unglamorous pile of crumbs.

From it's simplistic set-up, Gingerbread Circus 2 offers a nice variety of challenges, so you're not just repeating the same trick over and over. And the soundtracks, animation and artwork give it plenty of character. It'll set you in good stead for chucking those blades around with abandon. Play Gingerbread Circus 2 here. Take on the original here.

If all this fast and furious action is too much for you, you may wish to chill out with our list of The Top 10 Most Relaxing Online Games.

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