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Top 20 music games you can play online

Top 20 music games you can play online

Get into the groove with our compilation of the best free music and rhythm games on the web.

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Published by Tasha on 1st August 2010

Rhythm games, compose-your-own-music games, memorise the tune game, even music fighting games... we have them all and more. If you like music and you like gaming, then we hope you will enjoy our list of 20 music games that can be played in your browser for free. Without further ado, to the games:

1Take a Walk

Your task in this beautiful art-house side-scroller is to catch as many musical notes as you can. If you make a mistake and can't progress forward, you can, Braid-like, rewind time and the music and try again. Fabulously designed and animated, and featuring great music and sound effects, Take a Walk is a game that blurs the distinction between gaming and art. We can't recommend it enough. You can play it here.

2Vuvu Hero

Our second game could not be more different than our first. While Take a Walk is a thoughtful exquisite work of art, Vuvu Hero is a bold, brash and, to be frank, fairly rude affair. It is unbelievably good fun, however, and one can't help but appreciate the joy with which it mocks the Guitar Hero-style of game that it imitates. You can play Vuvu Hero here.

Some people have reported problems trying to play this game. It appears that you need to have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed. You can get that here.

3The Sound Walk

Featuring a dark moody ambience and story line, Sound Walk is an innovative side-scrolling music action game. You need to move in sync with the beat of the music to overcome the obstacles and despatch your enemies. This is a beautifully designed and animated game blessed with great music and unqiue game play. You can play the game here.

4Music Catch 2

Catch the yellow, green, blue and purple notes while avoiding the evil red ones - all to some of the best music we have heard in a Flash game. Complete the game and you can even upload your own tracks and play along with them. Music Catch provides one of the most soothing and relaxing gaming experiences on offer, and you can play it here for free. An earlier version of the game - which is also pretty good - can be played here.

5Punk-O-Matic 2

Compose your own punk music and have a band play your creation. This recently-released sequel makes it ridiculously easy to create decent sounding punk music. You'll soon be head-banging to your own Sex Pistol-style creations. You can play Punk-O-Matic 2 here.

6Chaoz Escape

Survive as long as you can in this vector-style music action game. All the animations and action are perfectly synched to the beat of the music, providing for mesmerising game play. This is a very tough game to beat, demanding lightning fast reactions, so you might want to start on the easier levels before progressing to the near-impossible hard mode. Chaoz Escape can be played here.

7Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 3

The developer of this game could really do with going on a graphic design course. The game is ugly as sin. But that does not matter a jot, because when it comes to features and game-play, Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 3 is streets ahead of most of the other Guitar Hero-style games on the web. The 3rd version of the game features 14 more songs and 10 new guitars. You can play it here.

8Rhythm Rockets

Canadian whizkid CoolioNiato is one of the most prolific developers of online music games, and recently-released Rhythm Rockets is among his best. In some ways similar to Music Catch, the game sets you the task of lighting up the sky by making rockets explode (by touching them with your mouse). Beautiful use of colour and sounds makes for mesmeric game-play. Click here to play Rhythm Rockets.

9Music Mania

Another great game by CoolioNiato (this time in collaboration with US developer XceeD), Music Mania is a compilation of six rhythm-based mini games. Three of the games can be played straight away while the other three have to be unlocked. The mini games are each nicely executed, featuring the slick graphics and sublime music that have become CoolioNiato's trademark. Play the game here.


Auditorium is, quite simply, one of the best Flash games of all time. The reason we have placed it in this relatively lowly position is that music only forms a relatively small part of its game play. That said, that small part - just like the rest of the game - is done to the highest standards. Auditorium should not be missed. Play it here.

11Music Euphoria

Does CoolioNiato ever sleep. This is another gem from the prolific Canadian developer. Inspired by the PlayStation 2 game Rez, Music Euphoria bombards you with great music, visuals and game-play. Activate the coloured balls before they come too close. The game can be played here.

12Scratch Simulator

Ever wanted to be a DJ? Yeah, I did too but I was rubbish. This game, mercifully, allows even talentless fools like me to make "rockin" dance music. If you're desperate to fulfill your DJ fantasy without having to put much effort in, then Scratch Simulator could be the perfect game for you. Play Scratch Simulator here.


Strictly speaking, Sweetshop is more interactive art than game but it boasts such cool visuals and great sound effects that I just had to include it in the list. Play Jay Malaiperuman's beautiful creation here.

14Rhythm Fireworks

When Coolio Niato turned his hand to a Guitar Hero-style game, did he mindlessly replicate all the features of the original? Of course not. Our favourite music game creater added a major twist to the game-play. Not only do you need to hit the notes with pin-point precision but you also need to ensure the colours match. Very innovative but also - at least for me - very hard. Rythmn Fireworks can be played here.


Ring the bells by getting the bunny to jump on them in this beautifully-executed music jumping game. When you have finished having fun, make sure you check out Ferry Halim's other games here. He is a game-designer genius. Play Bells by clicking here.

16Guitar Geek

This is one of the slickest Guitar Hero clones available on the web. You earn points by pressing the correct key when the notes hit the fret board. The game starts off fairly gently but to progress far you will need lightning fast reactions and a good sense of rhythm. You can play Guitar Geek here.

17Music in Motion

CoolioNiato, I am really beginning to worry about you now. Do you ever stop working. Yes, this is yet another game from the Canadian music game maestro. This time he has created an experimental music-themed platform game. According to CoolioNiato. "You do not have to play to the rhythm, but rather the rhythm plays with you". Interesting. Play the game here.


There are loads of Guitar Hero-star rhythm games available to play on the web but Adagio, with its cool graphics, fast game play and great music, is one of the best. You can play the game here.


Create your own music using an impressive range of instruments and share your creation with your friends. Aspiring composers can play the game here.

20Simon Extreme

An update of the classic music/colour memory game. If you're of a certain age, it may bring back fond childhood memories of flashing colours and electronic bleeps. Play the game here.

21Jam Legend

Yet another Guitar Hero clone but worth taking a look at because, although it might not be hugely innovative, it is really very well produced, is a lot of fun to play and boasts some snazzy music. Jam Legend can be played here.

22Repeats Melody

Try to repeat the melody that is played to you The quicker you can repeat the tune, the more points you will get. A very simple game but it helps you hone your musical ear. Play Repeats Melody here.

We hope you like our list of games. If you think we have missed out any brilliant online music games, please tell us all about them in the comments section below.

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Published by Jeff on 25th March 2014
Another good one I found recently is Missing Tracks at http://www.buycheapmp3s.com/missing-tracks/
Published by Teresa on 1st January 2014
I like these games
Published by harriepdeparrie on 16th September 2013
Add playdrumsonline! It's an online rhythm game where you can drum along with youtube video's. Check it out on http://www.playdrumsonline.com
Published by Mitchis on 8th September 2013
You should add to your list the game INCREDIBOX! A flash game to do some good beatbox! http://www.incredibox.com
Published by ed on 15th July 2012
asif is a good boy
Published by Scott on 15th March 2012
Also you Should check out - Flash Flash Revolution (FFR) It is pretty cool, and if you are not very good, then there are easy songs you could always try! check it out link: www.flashflashrevolution.com (click in top left 'FFR the game')
Published by Adrian on 15th February 2012
HOW COME osu! ISNT ON THIS LIST!!! osu.ppy.sh osu.ppy.sh osu.ppy.sh
Published by ilovejeshua on 24th November 2011
Where's Osu!?! Osu.ppy.sh is a rhythm game that has three modes: catch-the-beat(catch falling fruits with a tray), osu! standard (search ouendan or elite beat agents on youtube), and taiko (search taiko no tatsujin on youtube...kinda like donkey konga). Its an awesome game that, very recently, reached 1 million players!!
Published by xXCrystalXx on 12th August 2011
This is a brilliant list! Thanks very much
Published by Annonymous on 16th May 2011
'Scratch Simulator' is from turntables.de. This person is a thief.
Published by ZarkDiaz on 18th April 2011
You should check out the game Isle of Tune. Its most definitely the best music game.
Published by joejoe on 13th March 2011
yeah infinite wheel for sure. that game rocks.
Published by RandomGamerChick on 23rd November 2010
Don't forget these top Music Games as well: http://g4tv.com/articles/72855/Top_Music_Games_of_2010_for_The_Musical_Ingenue/
Published by peter on 3rd November 2010
and don't forget http://www.infinitewheel.com/infinite_wheel.html
Published by Annonymous on 3rd November 2010
This is a great list and the games are fantastic. I'd like to mention that on sweetshop's website it says the creator's name is "Jey" not "Jay"
Published by HellaciousMallacious on 4th September 2010

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