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Top 10 Goriest Games

Top 10 Goriest Games

The squeamish among you might want to look away for these ten games are among the goriest, bloodiest and nastiest the internet has to offer.

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Published by Alex Kearns on 30th January 2011

We at Casual Girl Gamer like to think that we are a couple of notches above the average gaming blogger. We take great care choosing the games we highlight on this site, often selecting philosophical or arty games that shed light on the human experience - see our lists of games that make you think about life here and here.

But for this top ten list, we have dropped any pretence of superiority, and plunged down into the dirty underbelly of online gaming in search of the gaming equivalents of video nasties. These gory games won't teach you anything worthwhile. Nor will most of them offer any profound insights into the human condition. They might even make you a little sick. But those who can overcome their squeamishness, and look beyond the blood and gore, will be rewarded by some of the best browser gaming action around.

1 Amateur Surgeon

So you have proved yourself a dab hand with a kitchen knife. You can fillet a fish in a blink of an eye, dice up a chunk of meat faster than an industrial slicer and you have even mastered the art of skinning a rabbit (just for fun, of course, you wouldn't want to actually eat your daughter's pet bunny). What next for a slicing superstar like you?

Well, why not try your hand at being a surgeon. Sure, you're meant to spend several years studying before you're allowed anywhere near a real-life patient but why bother with that rigmarole when hospital security is so lax. Simply put on a white coat, grab a clipboard and assume a serious-looking expression, and before you know it, you will be in the operating theatre, looking down at the patient, scalpel in hand, ready to make your first incision.

Welcome to Amateur Surgeon, a brilliant and suitably gory game from Adult Swim Games where you get to fulfil all your surgical fantasies. Play the game here. An earlier version of the game can be played here.

2 Thing Thing

Developed by aptly creepily-named developer Weasel, the Thing Thing series of games don't so much splatter you with blood as drown you in it. Or to put it another way, there is enough blood in this game to put the National Blood Transfusion Service out of business. What we're trying to say here - for those who have not yet got the message - is that Thing Thing is a tad on the bloody side.

In Thing Thing, you play a thing. Sorry, that is not very politically correct. You play a genetically engineered being created in the lab for the sole purpose of killing (I know he doesn't sound very nice but equality laws mean you can't discriminate against him on the basis of his psychopathic tendencies. You have been warned).

Thing Thing is not a happy bunny. And, to be honest, he has some justification for his melancholy. His creator - an evil corporation - will do anything to recapture him after he escapes from the lab - his genes are just so valuable, you see. This all results in a big bloody firefight between Thing Thing - who just wants freedom and to be able to kill at his leisure - and the corporation, which wants a return on its investment. Play the game here.

3 The Game

There is enough blood and gore in this game to keep even the most rampant bloodhound happy. But the predominant feeling you get from this game is not revulsion but amusement, for The Game is actually one of the most intelligent and funny online games we've come across.

The Game takes you on a surreal journey of philosophical and political discovery. You will find yourself committing suicide beneath clouds bearing Einstein's legendary equation, suffering under the totalitarianism of communism, getting your heart shot to bits (quite literally) by a lover - all the time accompanied by the wittiest commentary I've seen in a game. And the more you progress through The Game, the deeper - and funnier - it gets.

Trust me, The Game will change your perception of what games are about. Play it here but not for too long because it might blow your mind. And when you are finished, you may want to check out the sequel here.

4 20 Seconds to Die

This is not so much a game as a sadistic piece of interactive animation. Basically, you get to choose how some poor stick figure dies and then watch a 20 second (hence the game's name) animation of how the killing pans out. There are eight killing techniques to choose from, including such delights as death by psychopath or lightning strike. Gore fans will be pleased to hear all of them are wantonly violent and bloody. The game was created by Stone Steven, creator of stick figure animation site Fluid Anims, and although it features graphic violence, it is - like The Game - not without the odd bit of charm and humour. Play 20 Seconds to Die here.

3 Flakboy

This game is simply mean. You are a sadistic scientist in charge of a weapons lab. Your job is to test the effectiveness of a range of different weapons. You do this by trying them out on Flakboy, the weapons testing equivalent of a crash test dummy. Place weapons around the testing area, and watch with merriment as Flakboy is shot, blown up, catapulted into spikes and so on by them.

Flakboy is quite difficult. You need to put a lot of thought into placement of the weapons to ensure you do sufficient damage to Flakboy to progress to the next level. Play Flakboy here, If you enjoyed the game, why not inflict even more torture on the poor boy in the sequel - Flakboy 2 - which can be played here.

6 Super Karoshi

Karoshi is a Japanese businessman. He is sick of the commercial culture that rules his country. He decides to kill himself. He spots some spikes nearby in the office and leaps on them. Splat! Blood squirts everywhere. Karoshi is dead. In real life, that would be the end of the matter. But for poor Mr Karoshi, it is just the beginning. He wakes up in another office. This time the spikes are harder to get to. He has to climb some obstacles to reach them. But Mr Karoshi is desperate to die and he succeeds in impaling himself again. Splat! Blood squirts everywhere. Karoshi is dead.

He wakes up in another office. This time the spikes are even harder to get to. But Mr Karoshi is desperate… you get the drift. Super Karoshi is a platform puzzler in which you have to guide Mr Karoshi to his usually very bloody death across a series of ever more difficult levels. Super Karoshi can be played here. Other versions of the game can be found here.

7 Dark Cut 2

When I indulge in war fantasies, I imagine myself as a heroic soldier, part of a company of tough, resilient men and women, bravely fighting against overwhelming odds in a desperate attempt to defend the world against tyranny. I never think of myself being killed or wounded. This game, however, does not shy away from the grotesque realities of warfare, putting you in the boots of an army surgeon tasked with operating on some of the most hideous injuries you could have the misfortune of imagining. Certainly not one for the squeamish. Dark Cut 2 can be played here.

8 Mass Mayhem

What a cute little game this is... if you're a blood thirsty mass murderer. The protagonist of Mass Mayhem is clearly an unhinged nutter but that has not stopped him getting his mitts on some seriously powerful kit. He doesn't start the game with anything as mundane as a handgun or a rifle. No, he is straight in at the deep end with a full-blown rocket launcher. I understand the arguments around the right to bear arms but this is just plain silly.

Anyway, what does our psychotic sicko do with his new found toy? Yes, you've got it, he goes on a bloody killing spree, blowing up everything he can see in an explosion of blood and guts. How lovely. A nice touch are the cows and sheep who make for great target practice when you have run out of people to kill. If all this sounds just so much fun, you should probably book yourself into a mental asylum. Those of a more stable temperament can play the game here. A sequel can be played here.

9 Mr Schyzo

Mr Schyzo - the game, rather than the character - is like Mass Mayhem above but better. The reason we have it lower in the list is because it simply isn't so shamelessly bloody as Mass Mayhem. Plus, the game's hero is not quite so vile as the one in Mass Mayhem. Yes, Mr Schyzo is a psychopath. Yes, he kills loads of people without a flicker of emotion. Yes, he is carrying enough weapons to launch a revolution.

But ultimately, he is not at fault for any of this. His parents are. Name your child Mr Schyzo, and you can hardly expect him to become a charity worker, can you. Mr Schyzo - the game - is a frenzied side-scrolling shooter that despite its misanthropic (that means hatred of people, kids) plot, is surprisingly enjoyable. Play the game here.

10 Cursed Village

We had to include at least one zombie slaughtering game on this list. We could have chosen legendary zombie bloodfests such as the Last Stand or Boxhead but in the end we opted for Cursed Village. It may not be the best zombie game out there but it is certainly one of the bloodiest. A particularly gory touch is the way that the zombies continue to drag themselves along the ground towards you after you have shot their legs off, leaving a lovely trail of blood and guts behind them. Cursed Village can be played here.

Usually, I end our top 10 lists by asking readers to share details of any similar games that we have missed, but to be honest, after playing all these games, I am feeling nauseous, so if you know of any more gory games, please keep them to yourself.

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Published by ZombieKiller47 on 3rd July 2012
Great list of zombie games. All of these are awesome games. But I would like to suggest you, that you should definitely add Zombie Pandemic to the list. It's an awesome MMORPG with deep game plays, cool missions.
Published by renz on 2nd April 2012
fuzy mcfluuff einstein is
Published by Anonymous on 19th February 2012
Published by isaac lindsay on 26th November 2011
hey what about happy weels
Published by Michelle on 31st January 2011
Hmm I know you said no suggestions but... *cough* Road of the Dead! *cough* The Game is awesome, always fun to play. Nice list. :p

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