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Top 20 online zombie games

Top 20 online zombie games

You don't need to turn on your console to get your fix of zombie games. Some of the best such games can be played right here in your browser.

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Published by Alex Kearns on 23rd July 2010

Those of a nervous disposition are advised to press the back button now. For the inspiration behind today's list of games is one of the most terrifying creatures man has invented: the zombie. You have been warned. If being inundated with slavering human-shells bent on your destruction fills you full of dread, then you best be on your way. Braver souls, however, are in for a treat. We have rounded up all the zombie games on the web, incinerated or decapitated those that were not up to scratch, and are left with what we consider to be the 20 best. Here they are:

1The Last Stand 2

Indie game studio ConArtists has been responsible for some of the greatest casual games to grace the internet, including such legends as Crush the Castle and Warfare 1917. The game that first won ConArtists acclaim, however, was The Last Stand, a brilliant defend your base-style game featuring zombies. ConArtists recently released a sequel to the game, and The Last Stand 2 is everything one would want from a sequel. You can play The Last Stand 2 here.


There have been five games in the Boxhead series and each has improved on the previous. The latest game - Boxhead: The Zombie Wars is one of the slickest (and bloodiest) zombie games out there. The graphics are first rate. The action is fast and furious. There is also a bit of strategy. In addition to blowing zombies to smithereens using standard weapons such as pistols and shotguns, you can also build turrets and barricades to help you survive the zombie hordes. Play Boxhead: The Zombie Wars here. Other versions of Boxhead can be played here and here.


In Sonny - a turn-based rpg with impressively high production values - you don't kill zombies but, in an unusual plot twist, play the part of a zombie. Sonny wasn't always a zombie. He used to be a normal bloke. But then he was involved in a accident on a ship. He should have died but instead he became a zombie. Now he is an all-out battle for survival. One of the highest rated Flash games of all time, Sonny can be played here. A competent sequel to the game can be played here.


Most people hide away in their bedrooms when they are suffering from an infectious illness. They don't want to pass their illness on to their friends and family. Not the god-like protagonist of Infectonator - a fun strategy game by Toge Productions. He loves nothing more than sharing his infectious illness with as many people as possible, and he has at his disposal a particularly insidious infection, one that turns people into zombies. Your task on each level of the game is to infect or kill all the people within 60 seconds. You can play Infectionator here. A sequel - Infectionator: World Dominator - fleshes out the original game, providing a campaign mode in which you infect the whole world continent by continent.

5Zombies Took My Daughter

This has got to be any parent's worst nightmare. Your sweet little daughter has been kidnapped. If that wasn't bad enough on its own, the kidnappers are zombies. Thus begins Zombies Took My Daughter, an innovative and fun little zombie game. The game has everything you would expect from a zombie game: lots of weapons, loads of places to explore and, of course, tons of zombies to destroy. The thing that sets this game apart from most zombie games is that the game's city environment is generated randomly. Each game you play therefore will be different. Zombies Took My Daughter can be played here.

6The Breach

The Breach is a space-based zombie rpg featuring great platformer action and top-notch graphics. If you like platform games, space-themes and zombies, then you won't be able to go wrong with this game. Click here to play The Breach.

7Days 2 Die

You are trapped in a zombie-infested city. You need to get to the harbour and board the last ship out of town. Days 2 Die is a side-scrolling action bloodfest. Chop, smash, blast or incinerate zombies into bits using a variety of weapons. Play the game here. A sequel to the game - Days 2 Die: The Other Side - can be played here.

8Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2

A text adventure set in a zombie world, Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 features a great story and some of the best voice acting we've seen in a casual game. Might not be to everybody's liking, but fans of choose-your-own adventure games should love it. You can play Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2 here.

9Desolation 2

Not all zombie games are non-stop gory action. Some actually require you think a bit. Desolation 2 is one such game. Find items and solve puzzles in this atmospheric point and click game, and help the hero to track down a remedy to cure a zombie illness that has struck down the local population. You can play Desolation 2 here.

10SAS Zombie Assault

A classic top-down zombie game where you have to fend off wave after wave of undead monsters. Once you have wiped out a wave, you are given the chance to upgrade your defences or buy new weapons. SAS Zombie Assault starts off relatively easy but surviving all the 20 waves requires cunning and lightning fast reactions. Play SAS Zombie Assault here. Two newer versions of the game can be played here and here.

11Zombie Hooker Nightmare

You're a hooker, and Zombies are scaring off your customers in this adult take on the zombie action game. Great fun. Play Zombie Hooker Nightmare here.


This is one of the odder games on the list. But we like odd. You are in charge of a secret government installation and your task is to defend it against zombies without killing humans. ZomTV deserves credit for trying something different. Play ZomTV here.

13Zombie Taxi 2

Play the part of a taxi driver in a zombie-infested city in this fun driving game. You need to rescue people before they are turned into zombies. Spend your hard-earned cash on upgrades to your car. Play Zombie Taxi 2 here. You may also want to take a look at the first game - here.

14More Zombies

Defend your burger stand against seemingly never-ending waves of zombies. Don't forget to pick-up ammo, weapons or upgrades else you won't have a snowflake-in-hell's chance of surviving. Play More Zombies here.

15Cursed Village

This defend-your-base style game is damn scary, especially when a zombie continues to drag itself along the ground towards you after you have shot its legs off. The zombies in this game do not die easily, which is a real shame, because there are lots of them and they are all after you. Cursed Village can be played here.

16Endless Zombie Rampage 2

Our research revealed Endless Zombie Rampage 2 to be one of the most highly-rated zombie games around. We are not entirely sure why, because the graphics and game-play, while good, are not particularly special. We obviously know nothing, because everyone else seems to love it. We bow to their superior knowledge. Play Endless Zombie Rampage 2 here.

17Autumn War

In Autumn War, you are not alone in your battle against the zombies. You have at your disposal an army of soldiers. Command them well and you will prevail. Do a bad job and you will end up zombie meat. A fun little strategy game with a zombie theme. Play Autumn War here.

18Zombie Apocalypse: Left 4 dead

Amble around a city nonchalantly taking out zombies in this rpg-style top-down shooter. Pulsing music, neat graphics, an rpg-style progress system and a huge number of weapons make for some great fun game-play. You can play Zombie Apocalypse: Left 4 dead here.


Marksmen has the standard zombie plot. You're stuck in the middle of a zombie infested city and need to fend off wave after wave of undead to survive. What sets this game apart from most is that you are given a first-person perspective on the action. It doesn't quite work perfectly but the developer deserves credit for trying something different. You can play Marksmen here.

20Meat Mansion 2

You are trapped in a dark mansion. You are scared. Your heart beat is ringing in your ears. You can hear strange creatures scuttling around in the darkness. You've got to get out. Meat Mansion 2 is an atmospheric point and click game with elements of shooter games in it. You can play the game here.

As usual, if you think we have missed out any brilliant online zombie games or even if you just want to vent your spleen, then please tell us everything in the comments section below.

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Published by Hannah on 12th January 2014
Published by DC on 30th December 2013
Published by Surfer on 12th November 2013
What about Zombie Tsunami (iPhone & Android) ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoYVFgYSA0g
Published by blahzombieblah on 15th August 2013
Dead Frontier is fun/addictive for a few months, and free to play.
Published by Annonymous on 16th July 2013
marksmen are very cool game...
Published by James on 14th May 2013
How about Dead Frontier? The best FREE Zombie MMORPG out there!!! Until Day Z comes to console, Dead Frontier is one of the best. Check it out. For fans of COD Black Ops Zombies, Silent Hill, GTA, Saints Row, Diablo 3
Published by Annonymous on 6th May 2013
why aren't there any survival based zombie games here? all these are just shoot em' up bull crap
Published by devin on 12th March 2013
theres creepers / zombies / demones on the game
Published by Annonymous on 12th March 2013
why isn,t earn to die 2012 on top 20 zombie games online cus thats a zombie game ?
Published by devin on 12th March 2013
gold rings
Published by maxym fairall on 5th March 2013
this game is called rebuild and rebuild 2
Published by Annonymous on 5th March 2013
Published by Joseph on 9th February 2013
i hate dead frontier: outbreak 2 the game is so hard stupid and mean
Published by JaskeMann on 28th January 2013
Good solid list, but you might want to update it. There are a few newer games that would make good additions to this list. Good Gaming.
Published by Mark on 13th January 2013
...Class 3 Outbreak? Why is that not on this list?
Published by Dan on 6th October 2012
Rebuild 1+2 should be in the list, well made, very playable, and re-playable one of my favourite games, never mind zombie games
Published by roblox on 3rd October 2012
it has zombie games you can play or just games
Published by The Other Zombie on 22nd September 2012
Why isn't Decision 2 listed? I think it should be in the top 5.
Published by DOnt Knoe on 29th August 2012
(^^) i dont know the name to this game btw need help finding the name
Published by DOnt knoe on 29th August 2012
(^^)NEED HELP!IT is a zombie game with and over the head view. There are 5 good players trying to hold of zombies in a mall and there cloths are blue. and They put up locks and baricads it might even take place in a groshry store
Published by Annonymous on 4th August 2012
im still the same guy from august 4 2012 comment what i also like to say is all these games look fucking stupid like number 7 some stupid midget ugly bitch killing retarded lookin zombies wtf and road of the dead is better then all these shitty faggy games
Published by lety on 21st July 2012
hay otro juego que se puede jugar en facebook se llama "zombies online" o "gunshine" por si a alguien le interesa...
Published by Annonymous on 20th July 2012
@George: Love that game! It's called rebuild:Union city
Published by Annonymous on 18th July 2012
eat my poop
Published by George on 3rd July 2012
Anybody know the name of the zombie game where you have to defend against hordes of zombies by fortifying your buildings, recruiting more members, building farms (I think?) and you have a time limit to destroy the zombie's base? Also, there's a percentage thing that depends on how many people you send to kill zombies. The more you send, the less chances of your units getting killed.
Published by rick on 14th June 2012
well ya forgot a pretty cool zombiegame..perhaps the most epic ..dead frontier :D it is a game with nice graphics and multiplayer gameplay as well as singleplayer with full customization and epic armors and weapons .
Published by TheOne on 6th June 2012
Last stand union city is the best out of all of them, not dead zone which is on facebook and not last stand 1 or 2, union city is the best zombie game...
Published by Wimbky on 1st June 2012
What? No rebuild?
Published by Guy on 11th May 2012
Forgot Rebuild.
Published by Denis on 4th May 2012
Not sure if this brilliant. Just some fun: http://arcade-zombie-hunter.com/
Published by ZCT on 31st March 2012
Beat sorry
Published by ZCT on 31st March 2012
Lol i bead last stand union city
Published by austin ribbeck on 27th January 2012
Published by TopZombieGamer on 22nd January 2012
Awesome LIST! I agree that Last stand is in the right place for the top games.
Published by breetdazombie on 24th December 2011
Cool list of zombies games and agree the last stand is awesome but I think www.zombiepandemic.com should definitely also have been included in the list.
Published by indierr on 21st December 2011
you totally forgot plantsvs. zombies
Published by IKBALLOK on 20th December 2011
Published by varw on 6th December 2011
last stand union city
Published by Saibara on 16th October 2011
Organ Trail...
Published by Punky on 1st October 2011
Did you only pick browser based ones? If not I'd say Killing Floor and Zombie Driver were two good ones left out.
Published by Zombiedeath on 28th September 2011
All hallows eve from newgrounds is a fun defense game worth testing out anyways
Published by Kayde on 16th August 2011
Plants vs. Zombies is the best :) But you have to download and pay for it so I guess it doesn't belong on this list. But Organ Trail definitely does!
Published by ANON on 14th August 2011
last stand: Union City. the BEST online free game. *BONUS* it's a zombie shooter. SOOOO GOOD
Published by Anon on 12th August 2011
anyone here played organ trail. it's Oregon trail but with a post-apocalyptic zombie theme
Published by Jonathon on 12th August 2011
Don't play class3outbreak on 3rd party websites because the game is very buggy and its in the form of its earlier version. Just go to their main website I listed above and I can guarrentee you that you won't be disappointed. The game is currently a beta. They're constantly updating the game.
Published by Annonymous on 12th August 2011
last stand: union city on armorgames.com is pretty awesome
Published by briar on 10th August 2011
personally, my favorite is plants vs. zombies. It seriously is the best.
Published by jermax on 27th May 2011
try the BEST online zombie game out there... deadfrontier!!! 3d and does not need to be downloaded....
Published by jimbo on 16th May 2011
Published by Fuzzulon on 12th May 2011
thing thing arena 2 zombie mode..... best zombie one ive played....
Published by Steven on 11th May 2011
Now Zombies topic online games are very popular, I know a very good zombies game named All We Need is Brain 2.
Published by AustinW on 11th May 2011
what about rebuild?
Published by reteo on 5th April 2011
"I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMBIES 1N IT!!!1" is an XBox 360 game... it's not available the web.
Published by Alucard on 1st February 2011
I'm shocked I didn't see Road of the Dead on this list
Published by glace on 19th September 2010
good list, but you're missing i maed a game with zombies in it!
Published by SweetEmpathy on 10th August 2010
Awesome list, really enjoyed playing some of these! Try out Zombie Burger if you get the time to look it up, very addictive game.
Published by Casual Girl Gamer on 2nd August 2010
@Zombie Games Thanks for the tips. Will certainly take a look at them.
Published by Zombie Games on 31st July 2010
I have to say I'm loving your lists but always seems to be missing a few good one, which happens. Test the games and you might add them to your list: Zombie Warrior Man Zombie Exploder Zombies in the Shadow thats just to name a few
Published by BrysonD on 23rd July 2010
Zombie Hooker Nightmare was my favorite

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