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Top 10 point and click games

Top 10 point and click games

Stunning artwork, brilliant story lines and captivating characters have given the online point and click genre a new lease of life.

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Published by Alex Kearns on 14th November 2009

Point-and-click games have had a long and honourable tradition in the mainstream gaming world, with offerings like Monkey Island and more recently Zack and Wiki on the Wii, bringing the quirky puzzles and addictive gameplay typical of the genre to the masses.

But until recently, fans of online point-and-click adventures were left short changed. This is not say there weren't many point-and-click games available online. Far from it. There were hundreds to choose from. But this was very much a case of quantity over quality. Most of the games were much of a likeness, few straying far from the escape the room formula that had proved successful for years but which was beginning to show its age.

Recently, however, online point-and-click gaming has been transformed out of all recognition with the launch of a series of games of unrivalled beauty and technical excellence. At the back end of 2009, it fair to say that the point-and-click genre is (excuse the pun) well and truly alive and clicking. Here, we present ten of the best point-and-click games we've found on the web.


An absolute revelation. This game by Czech indie developer Amanita Design is impossibly beautiful, both in terms of its artwork and storyline. Play the demo online here. Read more about the game here.


Amanita Design's first major production. And what a game it is. Samorost can be played for free here. A demo of the game's sequel - Samorost 2 - can be played here.


Fiendishly fun puzzles and a beautiful aesthetic. What more could you want from a point-and-click game. Windowsill really does have it all. Play the game here.

4Daymare Town

Polish game developer Mateusz Skutnik is one of the greatest creative forces in the casual gaming arena. Daymare Town - an eery point-and-clicker - is arguable his best work. Play the game here. Daymare Town 2 (which is just as spooky) is available to play online here.

5Journeys of Reemus

Zack and Wiki have serious rivals for the title of point-and-click's most famous duo. In The Journeys of Reemus, Reemus and his pet monster are challenged with some of the most imaginative puzzles in point-and-clickdom. Play the first game in the series here.

6Anika's Odyssey

If we were organising this list on the basis of sweetest character, then Anika's Odyssey would undoubtedly be in first place. Help Anika reclaim her lost teddy bear by playing here.


Another game by Mateusz Skutnik, Submachine is classic point-and-click fun. Little wonder, then, that it has become something of a phenomenom on the web. Play it here. Many more Submachine games can be found on Mateusz's site

8Crimson Room

No list of top point and click games can be complete without the inclusion of The Crimson Room, which arguably started off the whole escape-the-room craze. Play this father of all escape games here.


As Braid proved, playing around with time can add an extra fun element to games. This is certainly the case with Gateway, one of the most innovative point-and-clickers around. Play the game here. The sequel - Gateway 2 - is available here.


From small acorns... grow great games like this. Cute graphics and perfectly-balanced puzzles make Sprout a pleasure to play. Try it for yourself here.

We hope you enjoy these games. If you know of any more great point and click games, please post details in the comments section below. Happy point and clicking!

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Published by boogeywoogie on 22nd March 2013
seriously how has no one posted primordia?...
Published by Kabrina on 17th March 2013
Love love love the Reemus games. I've tried the demo of the Ballads, but you can get the full version here: http://www.clickshakegames.com/reemus/ballads/when-the-bed-bites.php?ref=PTeaMY9zhgNYROzW5ZBESOPrHpAcOR ) Anyway, thanks for the great list, I love indie games =)
Published by Celia on 3rd February 2013
Thanks for giving us a shortlist again. I particularly loved your 2010 selection! Some gems I wouldn't have been able to find on my own otherwise. I trust you'll keep us on top of the point and click evolution. http://www.casualgirlgamer.com/articles/entry/27/Best-point-and-click-games-of-2010/
Published by PKros on 8th December 2012
The Crimson Room link is not working... -.-
Published by JoshT on 1st August 2012
I have a list of my favorite point and click games, there not all free but all worth getting. 1.Botancula 1.Machirium 2.Little Wheel 3.Samarost 1&2 4.Alchemia 5.Neverhood 6.The Dream Machine 7.Monkey Island 8.The Whispered World 9. Haluz 10. The old tree
Published by Bluebulk Studio on 28th July 2012
Anreginos, a game very similar to Samorost2 http://bluebulk.info/anreginos/
Published by unknown on 24th July 2012
I know this game, very similar to these: <One Warm Day> http://games-statistics.zxq.net
Published by Annonymous on 21st July 2012
this list is disgusting
Published by VonAnka on 16th July 2012
A list without monkey island isnt really a list ! Just some mumbering from a fool
Published by Danni on 10th July 2012
Chasm was awesome
Published by adeeba on 11th June 2012
all game are very horrable atlest give some hint for play
Published by hahah on 3rd May 2012
lmao i actually thought this would have propper games like monkey island 1,2,3 discworld instead you have this shit no tanks
Published by FFFFIVEPLAYEDBETTERONES on 25th April 2012
I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DIDN'T MENTION XOLGA AND MR.TOKO! Most of you people would probably roll your eyes and call it animu, but the best part of it is the storyline. the game is interesting, and the drawings are nice, but the plot is definetly the best.
Published by Nicholas on 31st March 2012
I always liked Darkseed 1 and 2.
Published by whoknowswhatapointandclickis on 19th February 2012
@wtfamireading grim famdango is not a point and click but still is fucking awesome. bad list though
Published by What the f am I reading . jpg on 11th January 2012
You don't understand anything about point n click games, are you fucking twelve? Grim fandango? Monkey island? Myst?
Published by Nancy on 9th January 2012
@Shayne rofl u on crack? I play everything but I love point and clicks because sometimes I feel the need to play something I find relaxing.
Published by Jen on 27th November 2011
@Shane wtf are you talking about? What evidence is there for what you are trying to say? There is nothing wrong with playing point and click games and there are heaps of girls who play more than just point and click games.
Published by Shayne on 29th September 2011
No wonder girl gamers aren't well respected. Click and point game used to be a way for emotionally and socially troubled young male virgins to escape the world and the pain it caused. Kind of like how cutting numbs the pain in girls. The online casual thingies above wouldn't do the job.
Published by Michael MacDonald on 14th July 2011
these are only online point and click games.. which are the lowest quality. Here's some myst style games most people never heard of to help the people on here looking for something new to play. 1. Amerzone 2. Lighthouse 3. Amber: Journey's beyond 4. Syberia 1 & 2 those are some of my favorites anyways. oh and if anyone really likes the broken sword series or Indiana jones and the fate of atlantis... try "prisoner of ice".
Published by THUD on 7th June 2011
Published by Alientea on 11th April 2011
That daydream one was great until it got to a completely unplayable point. There is a bit where you have to get paper under a rock, and the time you have is too short, and the target you have to get is impossible to find and tiny. I couldn't get past it and had to give up. So disappointing :(
Published by good game on 1st April 2011
http://www.kongregate.com/games/gudo1/horror-plant not bad point'n'click
Published by prasanna on 21st November 2010
Play latest pointnclick game "Underworld Army, Episode-1" here http://www.kongregate.com/games/prasannakkcse/underworld-army-episode-1
Published by aaangiemon on 8th August 2010
@Casual Girl Gamer I'm lad you liked it! The game is definitely worth playing.
Published by Hot Cup on 7th August 2010
The Curfew is really fun. Nice site. Keep up the great work. -Hot Cup
Published by Casual Girl Gamer on 6th August 2010
@ AAANGIEMON Little Wheel is a gem of a game. I love the personality the designers have imbued the robot with. That game will certainly make our upcoming follow-up list of point and click games.
Published by aaangiemon on 6th August 2010
I just wanted to add one of my favorite point-and-click games, because i think it definitely deserves a mention. The art and concept are both gorgeous. It's called "Little Wheel" http://www.kongregate.com/games/fastgames/little-wheel Great blog, by the way! I've bookmarked it because I am definitely coming back.
Published by Casual Girl Gamer on 5th August 2010
Thanks to @Haluz too. Haluz looks like a really cool game.
Published by Casual Girl Gamer on 5th August 2010
@Daniel @Jo Thanks very much for the gaming tips. It is about time we did another point and click game feature, and the two games you mentioned could well contribute to it.
Published by Daniel on 7th May 2010
Just came across your site today and love it; i'll be visiting regularly. Keep up the good work both of you=) It's still in development, but based on what i've seen so far in the beta, The Dream Machine by indie developers Cockroach Incorporated is a point 'n' click adventure worth watching. It's browser based and they plan on releasing the first chapter (of five) for free. The official website: http://www.thedreammachine.se/ I also wrote a preview on my blog if you're interested: http://straydogstrut.co.uk/2010/05/01/life-is-but-a-dream/
Published by Jo on 28th April 2010
Mystery of Time and Space (MOTAS) - one of the best I've ever played http://www.albartus.com/motas/
Published by Haluz on 13th April 2010
Haluz is similar to Samorost. Great game and free on the internet
Published by Andreas on 14th November 2009
Great site. I was searching for Machinarium for quite some time - heard it some review about it on radio, but missed the name of the game. Finally I found it. Thanks!
Published by axcho on 14th November 2009
Very well done! I really like the approach - it feels almost like a portal site, except focused on helping the player find the games that are really worth playing that will suit her interests. I will keep this site bookmarked for inspiration. :)
Published by Sumeet on 13th November 2009
Nice blog. I like the design and color combinations. Good Luck.

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