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Top ten hardest games

Top ten hardest games

So you fancy yourself as a bit of a mean gamer. You always opt for the hardest settings when playing games. Well, we have a challenge for you - ten of the most difficult online games we could find.

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Published by Andy Jowett on 11th November 2010

They're tricky, they're testing, they're downright infuriating. They'll make you laugh, they'll possibly make you cry and they'll almost certainly have you coming back for more, just to show them. Just to show them good! They are the hardest games you can find online.

Now, burying the needle on the Casual Girl Gamer hard-o-meter takes more than flooding the screen with overwhelming waves of bad guys - the candidates here are less bashing and blasting, more baffling, befuddling and bewitching. Indeed, there's hardly an enemy to be seen in our collection of brain teasers, tests of skill and just plain maddening fun.

That's because ultimately, as I found during my extensive research into these digitised versions of pure, mind-bending evil (in the nicest possible sense, that is), the real battle is often against one's own, occasionally dispiriting, lack of basic coordination and reactions.

1Primitive Pattern

Increpare's Primitive Pattern may be the most straightforward of the games in our list, but it is also one of the toughest nuts to crack. It bills itself as a treatise on Hegelian semiotics and invariant theory. After much in-depth rummaging around on Wikipedia, I think this means it's something to do with algebra and that bloke who captained the Germans against the Greeks in Monty Python's philosopher's football match.

The premise is as simple as the retro, low-fi graphics. Click nine circles in a three by three box in any sequence you like. Easy, right? To win, you must pick the second most popular pattern based on previous plays. Not so easy. Keep clicking away though, there's only something like 80 bajillion combinations. Play Primitive Pattern here.

2Poto and Cabenga

One button games can't be hard, can they? Oh, they can. Honeybug's creation starts off harmlessly enough with our heroes - who, fact fans, apparently take their names from the alter egos of secret language speaking twins Grace and Virginia Kennedy - riding across the plain.

Their unexpected separation thanks to a passing dragon sees the game switch to a split-screen, side-scrolling adventure as Cabenga (or possibly Poto) navigates the belly of the beast and Poto (or..well...) continues on the ground. From then on, avoiding (or squishing) various desert critters and dragon stomach bugs, speeding one partner up while simultaneously slowing the other one down and using coordinated moves to remove obstructing beasties is all down to your skill with a space bar. Play Poto and Cabenga here.

3Jeu Chiant

The irritating game that uses 100 per cent of your brain - Jeu Chiant does exactly what it says on, er, the tin. There's no story, no levels and no baddies or bosses. The challenge here is a load of balls. Well, two balls to be precise, which isn't really a load. Anyway, you have to keep one balanced on a see-saw while using a sliding horizontal platform to play keepy-uppy with another.

It's devilishy tricky from the off, requiring some frantic mouse work and that most dreaded of things (for the male mind at least) - multitasking. The despair of seeing one (or both) of your balls fly into oblivion is compounded by the withering assessments of your efforts, which are on the one hand entirely uncalled for and, in my case, basically true. Play Jeu Chiant here.

4Multitasking 2

Speaking of multitasking, here's enough of it to reduce even the most hardy of souls to a gibbering mess. DiscipleOfFred's mind-blasting Flash sequel is four games within a game. On their own, none of them would be particularly challenging or entertaining of course, but put them together and even remembering the instructions becomes a Herculean feat of memory.

To make matters worse, you only actually play two of the four games at any one time, so even when you think you're getting the hang of simultaneously taking on one pair, you're suddenly presented with a new combination. Still, at least it doesn't compare you to a poodle or Paris Hilton. Play Multitasking 2 here.


Here's more games-within-a-game mischief in the retro 80s form of Morplee. In that spirit, I'll say it's the browser gaming equivalent of doing Black Lace's Superman. While fighting off waves of hostile attackers. So, actually, it's more like the gaming equivalent of a bad night out in Barnsley.

But enough of my weekend. To save Morplee's planet you have, for some reason, to solve a stack of mini-challenges while shooting down pesky space invaders. For the most part, you'll get a one-word instruction - it's things like copy, shoot and organise here, not ski, sleep sneeze and so on.

The challenges are inventive enough and they'll come in a different order every time - the hardest part is beating the clock, so get your clicking finger limbered up. Play Morplee here.


You are the tiny nation of Qwop's most accomplished athlete, sent to represent its proud people in the field of international running around. The only problem is the training programme wasn't terribly well funded. This is a genuinely hard game to play because of both its controls - two keys control your thighs and two your calves - and the fact you're laughing so hard you miss the starting gun.

Ideally, you're aiming to show Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell and Tyson Gay how it's done by masterfully blazing through 100 metres and into the history books. In reality, my first few distances registered in the minus column thanks to that control system sending my Olympic hero scissor-kicking into an undignified pile on the track. The Chariots of Fire theme had barely even started. But remember, it's the taking part that counts. Play Qwop here.

7Chase Goose 2

NinjaKiwi's Chase Goose 2 is from the Daley Thompson's Decathlon school of keyboard-pounders. Thoroughly old-school down to the Commodore 64-style music, it is, well, a big chase. Our feathery hero has had the tables turned on him and is being pursued by a worm. A very big one. Hitting the left and right keys gets the goose going and you've definitely got the upper hand in terms of speed. Alas, this isn't a flat sprint. And you can't fly. But then it wouldn't be a hard game.

Jumping various holes in the ground requires you to hit a particular key - or as you progress, to do some quick mental gymnastics to answer little questions. To complicate things further, you'll be asked to hold down other keys while still skipping across the keyboards and generally tying yourself up in knots.

And all the while, that worm stalks you, relentless and merciless, like a Boris Karloff monster. Sort of. Play Chase Goose 2 here.

8The Scary Maze

Abandon hope all ye without a steady mouse hand. This reworking of the fairground favourite where you have to pass a metal hoop along a twisted wire isn't especially scary given its title - but it is extremely hard, which is good enough for this list.

It's all plain sailing early on, with a generous inverted L-shape to get your started, but the mazes become tougher and tougher - and beware, there's no time-outs or breaks here. Once you complete one level, you're straight into the next one, so even a momentary lapse of concentration will send you, despairing, back to square one. Play The Scary Maze here.

9For the Twin

Ever needed to pick out a shapeless, alien form from a line-up of similar looking shapeless, alien forms? No? Well here's your chance. For the Twin from Hybrid Mind Studios is high on cutesy charm and the wobbly, hand-drawn style animation certainly adds another layer of trickiness to picking out the matching chap for the mugshot you've been given.

The difficulty level is cranked up with each new challenge, adding changing backgrounds, perspective and movement to your list of headaches. On the plus side, everyone smiles and jumps when you get it right, which is nice. Play For the Twin here.


DiscipleOfFred are back with more games within games in the retrotastic Tail. You control two glowing, Tron-like cables (or tails), one heading north, the other going south. The trick is to avoid the nasty red glowing thingies and to pick up the altogether more agreeable green glowing thingies. There's the occasional purple glowing thing too, which may be medals, but I'm not sure.

The element of rub-your-tummy, pat-your-head in trying to grab one set of blobs while avoiding the other certainly makes Tail a tricky customer - although the hardest thing about this game might be getting through it while listening to that throbbing Europop soundtrack. Play Tail here.

If you think you have found some online games that are even harder than these, then please tell us all about them in the comments section below.

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Published by Kristian on 28th June 2015
Casuals, try these games : I wanna be the Guy,I wanna be the Boshy, I wanna kill the Guy, I wanna kill the Kamillia 1/2/3, Super Meat Boy, Super Hexagon, Geometry Dash.
Published by Eliza on 27th August 2014
Give Up and the first World's Hardest Game are easy ._. Try the second or the third World's Hardest Game, then say something about hard games. And if you're talking about puzzles, try playing Braid.
Published by Easy on 7th April 2014
The first game I beat on my first try
Published by ProGamer on 8th March 2014
I wanna be the guy and ShadowGate
Published by ProGamer on 8th March 2014
How about Unfair Plat former Or Unfair Mario?
Published by mikey on 3rd February 2014
Published by dad on 26th January 2014
You are sooo casual gamer ._.
Published by Nelly on 11th November 2013
I cannot believe you guys forgetting the Worlds Hardest Game, you should probably try it first :D http://shockshed.com/worlds-hardest-game/ a real headache game :D
Published by Sppw on 22nd October 2013
A hard game? Try the game "Give up." I hear the level designer couldn't finish the game. The walkthrough is not the completed game, only about 25/30ths of it
Published by dude on 15th August 2013
Try Super Hexagon on for size!
Published by Joe on 15th August 2013
Hard games? Well try: http://www.navygames.org/leaker.php
Published by Bella on 21st July 2013
All these games are impossible but that run one is fun and i got a 4,789 on!
Published by AISLYN on 21st June 2013
Published by Xiphos on 20th June 2013
I hate you. That scary maze was way to hard for my heart
Published by jaisaan on 12th May 2013
the worlds hardest game
Published by Anonymous on 23rd April 2013
What about I Wanna be the Guy?
Published by Boass on 20th April 2013
yeah i played scary maze game and its very difficult especially when you complete the third level
Published by Annonymous on 15th April 2013
this is not a hard list this is easiest list
Published by thisguy on 26th March 2013
The Big Adventure of Owata's Life is by far the hardest game I've played. Plus it's a long game, hence Big Adventure
Published by Annonymous on 13th March 2013
Where is 'worlds hardest game'
Published by red thunder on 24th February 2013
i give up is a really tricky game. it is said that only 1 in 100 people can get to stage 20 of 70! also storm collins is handsome
Published by Hi on 19th February 2013
Where is TU-95?
Published by Gamer on 29th January 2013
These games will be easy if there are 2 people playing it,i will tell you a harder game,its really hard just to MOVE the person in the direction you want/the way you want:Toribash
Published by Lisa on 9th January 2013
The games listed are a point of view guys, lets not be fussy about things. Primitive Pattern is database based so it changes, at first it was hard as hell, as time went on it became easy. Many here are saying for 'I wanna be ... something' but lemme tell you it's far more easier, compared to these, ever won any game listed (except primitive pattern). And many have already said about this game so give the maker of this blog time. And win JEU CHAINT, will make your ego crash
Published by Annonymous on 4th January 2013
winnie the poohs home run derby
Published by alaldefrev on 1st January 2013
the real hardest game in the world is "the roomz"
Published by RoCkEt It RoN on 27th December 2012
It Gets Harder Every Level
Published by sam on 15th December 2012
Published by sam on 15th December 2012
i beat primitive pattern in 6 trys i just lined out the dot to make it look like a two from starr
Published by jessica sarah kai on 23rd September 2012
bit hard but get used to it good
Published by Ninja on 21st September 2012
Well, i know n is a pretty hard game. It may not be the hardest but its still hard.
Published by ahmad on 15th September 2012
power game like a gragon and a person have wings
Published by jdawg on 16th July 2012
search boobs and battletoads for an epic top ten hardest listing
Published by Rishabh on 12th July 2012
This game was recommended to me by my friend and it is really difficult
Published by Alex on 7th July 2012
Are you guys serious? The Worlds Hardest Game is no where close... Try I Wanna Be The Guy.
Published by lara on 3rd July 2012
it was ok my fave one was poto and cabenga it was epic
Published by Abrams on 24th May 2012
you son of a bitch you should have put a "SCREAMER ALERT" on the Scary Maze Game, the screamer didn't surprise me, i didn't even play it, but i know there's screamer in it
Published by Dan on 19th April 2012
I wanna be the guy and battletoads ftw!
Published by YOUR FACE!!!!!!! on 6th February 2012
Add These in Here -Sonic RPG (later series) -Kobo Deluxe -KQ -Meatboy -I Wanna Be the Guy/Fangame/Tribute/Ripoff/ GB/Ultimatum/Retro/Shrine Maiden -Unfair Mario ( http://www.mariogames1.com/play/1085/unfair-mario.html ) -Spongebob Squarepants Boat-O-Cross -The World's Hardest Game -The Impossible Game
Published by shonagirl on 20th January 2012
try this its hardest game ever :)http://www.addictinggames.com/action-games/theworldshardestgame.jsp hard game i cant do it but then again i am 11 so that might explain a bit ,oh well i tried you should too :P
Published by Abby on 13th January 2012
Did you guys ever play the REAL Worlds hardest game.it's called worlds hardest game. just look for it and you'll find it belive me you will it has deaths and blur things And.also try packman,Fantage they are all so fun bye
Published by blah on 2nd January 2012
one i think is hard is The Worlds Hardest Game 2. The first one is alot easier but the second is very... infuriating
Published by moi on 31st December 2011
Poorly controlled games aren't difficult they are poorly coded. None of your list was as mind boggling as I had hoped. Why not throw moneyseize into that list. It is made very well and offers a very nice curve of simple to insanely difficult, same with the meatboy series and the unfair platformer.
Published by princess on 9th December 2011
yo none of this games are that hard only #6
Published by princess on 9th December 2011
Published by Jenx on 7th November 2011
The second one is considerabley harder but once you get the hang of it it's really quite simple P.S to cheat go into your keyboard configuration settings and alter so that both the sapce bar and shift are space, that way you can control both creatures at the same time p.p.s I didn't use this cheat when I was playing, I just thought that all you people out there who can't complete this game might want some help!
Published by Jenx on 7th November 2011
The first one is not hard at all I got it first time!
Published by Annonymous on 5th August 2011
u forgot battle toads the game where only a handful have ever beaten it since it came out like 15 years ago
Published by Annonymous on 23rd July 2011
Published by secret on 19th June 2011
qwop is easy
Published by Ian on 16th May 2011
i wanna b the guy should definitely be on the list
Published by george on 15th May 2011
primitive pattern 2nd try (its not exactly a hard game, that's like calling heads or tails a hard game)... for the twin at least bronze in all but 2 levels i only missed one click but didn't have to start the level over. beat it in less than 15 minutes while half watching judge dredd. that game wouldn't be on my ten year old niece's 10 hardest, so it shouldn't be on the list of someone who can make a decent web page
Published by caitlin on 17th March 2011
finished primitive pattern first try... I dont understand the fuss? ps. haha to everyone who played scary maze. hope you ripped out your testicles in fear
Published by joeyjoejoe on 11th March 2011
i also won primitive pattern on first try. pretty easy if you think about it actually.
Published by Shit. on 3rd March 2011
How about Syobon Action? Maybe not the hardest, but a definite bitch and harder than half the games you've got listed.
Published by WOW on 19th February 2011
i won primitive pattern on my first try. LOL
Published by XIDOS on 11th February 2011
Published by eddy on 30th January 2011
primitive pattern took me 3 attemps
Published by Fred on 18th January 2011
That thing about guys not being able to multi-task has since been proven to be nonsense. No gender bias in the results exist in further independent testing.
Published by James on 14th January 2011
No mention of KOHCTPYKTOP ( http://www.zachtronicsindustries.com/play-kohctpyktop/ ), the game you have to be an actual electrical engineer to have any hope of beating without outright cheating.
Published by unamused on 31st December 2010
WOW... like anyone reading this hasn't already pranked 20+ people with the scary maze game...
Published by Rob on 15th December 2010
Uh, I won Primitive Pattern. It's easy. You just have to know how people think. Most people will go 123 456 789 Second-most popular is 123 654 789 Try it, it works. And then it'll become the most popular and stop winning : D
Published by idiot on 10th December 2010
if i remember correctly doesn't the scary maze just show the exorcist witch woman after you get to a certain point, i think its level 3?
Published by Dr_Faust on 9th December 2010
This is a garbage list, not once was there a mention of "I Want To Be The Hero." There wasn't any challenge to half the games, all gimmicks and no "hardness."
Published by Guerreiro on 9th December 2010
First game spoil: 1st square - 2nd - 3rd - 6th - 5th - 4th - 7th - 8th - 9th
Published by yeeeeeah on 7th December 2010
got the first game on the first try... cause im a pro
Published by Tyler on 6th December 2010
What's with that little jab at guys there? "and that most dreaded of things (for the male mind at least) - multitasking."
Published by B on 6th December 2010
Beat that primitive pattern on 2nd try...Soooooo not hard guys just common scense
Published by Mouse on 5th December 2010
NOT TRUE - hardest game ever: Peasant's Quest http://www.homestarrunner.com/disk4of12.html
Published by Sweet Kid on 4th December 2010
Yeah, i just beat Primitive pattern in one try. not hard at all.
Published by Sean on 1st December 2010
Scary maze? Really? Haha cmon girls. How the hell did Alien Hominid not make this post? Its a major high quality flash game that no one has beat
Published by Anonymous on 29th November 2010
what about the Unfair Platformer?
Published by Annonymous on 21st November 2010
The Scary Maze ... Thanks. I guess.
Published by CasualGirlGamer on 19th November 2010
@Ben @Hi @JM thanks for the suggestions. 'Those I wanna games' are sadistically hard. @Sophie @Anon Congrats on completing Primitive Pattern. You did better than me. @richtaur Look forward to seeing your new game.
Published by Ben on 19th November 2010
You should try "I wanna be the guy". It's one crazy platformer.
Published by Sophie on 16th November 2010
OMFG!! I was playing PRIMITIVE PATTERN for the first time ever, and got it on my second try!!!!!!!!!!
Published by anon on 16th November 2010
I beat primitive pattern in two tries....
Published by Hi on 16th November 2010
You guys really missed out on I Want To Be the Flash Game. Incredibly hard and unfair platformer.
Published by JM on 15th November 2010
Didn't Penn & Teller release a game called Desert Bus! I think that should be included here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npTRkTIlrZs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMbWmZ7SG-c
Published by richtaur on 11th November 2010
I'll have another crazy difficult game for you soonish :)

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